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We live in a time of great worry and stress that can show up as physical and emotional dis-ease, making it difficult to function. Through my own personal healing journey, I have discovered non-invasive solutions that are simple, affordable and also have a plethora of side benefits. Benefits like stimulating your ability to self-heal, improving your mental clarity, reversing the appearance of aging, regulating your sleep patterns, leaving you with a sense of peace, and more.

Let me introduce you to Soul 7

True Self-Healing IS an Option…

What I’m about to tell you is completely attainable. With the right tools and mindset, you can actually heal yourself. We all have that innate ability. It’s true, and in a moment I’m going to explain… But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Bob Berman, the founder of Soul 7.

My Healing Journey began with my wife’s illness…

Jayne and I married at 20 years old. We had three children. I was a lawyer and she was a businesswoman. Life was fulfilling and terrific. Then after her last pregnancy, Jayne had severe post partum depression which woke up a notion in her that she would die (like her mother did) at 58 from cancer. From that moment, she conducted her life as if she was going to die at 58 despite her lust for life.

In her early 50s she developed breast cancer. She wasn’t ready to give up. So she went for radical surgery to remove both breasts. Because she had a very strong immune system and will to live, she recovered. Life resumed until her 57th year when she developed abdominal pain. The doctors misdiagnosed her with gallstones and sent her away. A year went by but the pain didn’t subside. So she went back to be checked, and discovered she had gall bladder cancer.

I became very distraught. Then I became angry. I decided that this wasn’t going to happen. That somehow I could make it better. So I looked into alternatives all over the world. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn about the healing technologies I now know about in time to save Jayne’s life. She passed away …at the age of 58.

After her death, I became very driven to help other people like Jayne. I left my law practice to really devote myself to establishing a centre where I could put the technologies I had learned about under one roof to help others heal. I created Soul 7, which combines ancient healing methods with technology and science.

We all have the ability to heal. We use our exclusive Mindful Healing Technologies™ to facilitate and ignite the healing process we all have within ourselves. At first glance Soul 7 might look like a “high-end spa,” but we’re not…

We’re a Unique Healing Centre.

While our healing programs leave you feeling balanced and relaxed, as if you spent a day at the spa, they are designed to energetically boost your immune system and balance your nervous system. Ultimately, we initiate your innate ability to heal yourself. Our programs are complementary and non-invasive so you can receive conventional treatments at the same time if you wish. Our methods are totally safe. We use common methodologies from Europe that are rarely seen in North America…until now.

The Health Canada Approved Ondamed System 

We are a Health and Wellness Centre with a focus on using PEMF Therapy to aid in healing. We are certified practitioners of the Health Canada approved Ondamed System . ONDAMED is a Health Canada approved (#491470 MP23CMDR)  device invented by electronics engineer, Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany. The technology is the culmination of 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy that resulted in the development of several well known and sophisticated therapeutic devices. On the basis of this experience, Binder discovered how to interrogate the body’s communication systems and introduce specific signals that stimulate the natural healing process. Health professionals worldwide have been using ONDAMED with remarkable success for over a decade. The purpose of the Ondamed System unit with its applicators is to transmit electro-magnetic impulses to the human body. The micro-currents induced by the electro-magnetic fields alleviate pain and inflammation and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Due to the low energy content of the coils, the Ondamed Protocols are safe, non-invasive and there is no potential risk. In fact, application of the Ondamed Protocols can jumpstart cellular repair and regeneration and prevent disease from developing.

Our Mission Is to show you the Path to Healing the root cause…

If that sounds strange, it’s probably because you’re used to being prescribed drugs to deal with symptoms rather than holistic solutions focused on root causes. Sadly, there’s more money in sickness than in prevention.

We believe that every person has the ability to be their optimal selves. We’re simply a catalyst to the Awareness and Healing that results in Optimal Living. The driving force behind Soul 7 is to give you the tools to heal your pain and stress and recapture your body’s optimal energy and glow. No more pain or suffering. No more sleepless nights. No more worry. All of these benefits are entirely possible, and anyone can have them. You just need the right tools to support what your body can do naturally.

Let Me Be Totally Transparent With You…

You might be thinking, “If I could heal myself, I already would have.” That’s a common first thought. But just stick with me for moment… There is an agreed upon scientific equation for change (or healing in this case). This is the foundation at the heart of Soul 7. It goes like this…


Awareness (yours) + Motivation (yours) + Tools (Soul 7’s) = HEALING

In other words, healing comes from within, but sometimes we need help accessing it. The advanced European technologies offered at Soul 7 facilitate the healing energies we all have within us. Even though healing is a personal journey, it doesn’t have to be done alone. The body is nothing short of miraculous, always striving to bring itself back into balance. With the right support, recoveries that seemed impossible before can happen.

Think about it…you have healed yourself millions of times since birth through the body’s natural healing system. Your cells are constantly renewing and repairing. In fact, every seven years you have a completely new body. Your skin is only about four weeks old. Your stomach lining is five days old. Your liver is five months old. And your bones are about 10 years old. Every single day 10-20 billion cells die and are replaced.

Our Programs




Pulsed-Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)
  • The National Institute of Health has made PEMF a priority for research and many PEMF devices have already been approved by the FDA to reduce pain and tissue swelling, fuse bones, treat depression and enhance the immune system.
  • Used in Europe for over 60 years, PEMF Treatments help your body rebalance cellular dysfunction.
  • Benefits include: Reduced pain, improved energy, accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue, improved circulation, cellular detox and immune boosting.
  • Soul 7 staff are certified Ondamed PEMF Practitioners. The ONDAMED System is an approved physical therapy device by the Medical Devices Bureau, Health Canada . To learn more Click Here
Guided Visualization developed by Dr. Saunders PhD.
  • Guided Visualizations take advantage of the connection between the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system. When the visual cortex at the back of the head is activated, without receiving direct input from the eyes, it can influence physical and emotional states. This, in turn, can help elicit physiologic changes in the body, including therapeutic goals.
  • Clinical studies show that anxiety and stress can affect pain levels, prolong recovery time and weaken the immune system. Guided visualization counteracts both ailments.
  • This therapy provides a powerful psychological strategy that enhances coping skills and it involves all the senses. To learn more Click Here
Neuro-Muscular Vibration (NMV)
  • Developed over many years of research on the positive impacts of vibrations on the human brain and body.
  • Multi-frequency acoustic vibrations transmit suggested muscular and mental commands through the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Stress causes muscles to have permanent contractions which in turn, constantly remind the brain of the anxiety from which the stress originated. Such a vicious cycle causes collateral damage around the spine and cranial cavity.
  • This state of the art Neuro-Muscular Vibration Therapy directly communicates with the central nervous system releasing tensions and previously accumulated stress.
  • To learn more about VAT: Click Here
Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE)
  • Uses flashes of lights and pulses of tones to gently and safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns.
  • Boosts your mood, helps with sleep, sharpens your mind and increases your level of relaxation.
  • An effective, alternative therapy for many disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), fibromyaligia and chronic pain.
  • Also used successfully to boost physical performance for athletes, academic performance for students and cognitive performance for seniors.
  • To learn more about AVE Click Here
Physioaccoustic BioResonance (Pyradym)
  • For sufferers of chronic pain, Pyradym is invaluable as it relieves discomfort quickly without the “hung over” feeling associated with most drugs.
  •  By resonating and stimulating the human endocrine and lymphatic systems, greater resistance to viral infection may be achieved, thus stimulating the human immune system.
  • The FDA has listed the Physioacoustic component of Pyradym as a Class One Medical Device and allows the claims of relief of pain, increase of blood circulation and relaxation.
  • Controlled studies have demonstrated statistically highly significant decreases in anxiety, tension, muscle spasticity, arousal states, and dramatic increases in relaxation and a sense of well-being.
  • Psychological testing shows that people who receive physioacoustic treatments feel better about themselves.

Our Experts

Meet our team who have all combined their unique areas of expertise to help develop the SOUL7 Programs designed to offer a holistic approach to healing and prevention to ensure long-term relief.

$399INTRO Package

Introductory Package

First-time users will offered a special $399 package that includes “3” sessions in our most personalized program offered (FOCUSED). If you are happy with the results, you can apply the cost of the introductory program to continue with the full pacakage. Our Programs are not for everyone and space is limited, so please contact our Client Coordinator now to book your Evaluation to see if you qualify. Call us toll free in Ontario at 1.855.387.6857 or 416.847.6999.


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