The 4 Steps To Unlocking Your Innate Ability To Self-Heal In 90-Days

Our unique 4-step process

  • Bio-Feedback Assessment

    Breakthrough Neuroscientific Technology to measure the electromagnetic variability of the human body’s organ systems on a cellular level to determine the root cause of organ and system dysfunction blocking the Mind/Body Connection (Nervous System) necessary for optimal cellular balance and re-generation (Self-Healing).

  • 21-Day Kickstart

    Science has taught us that the critical period for the Mind/Body Connection to regenerate and heal itself is 21 days. The healing process is about reprogramming your nervous system to resonate consistently at a particular frequency that Neuroscience has come to define as 0.1 Hertz. We use state-of-the-art, Health Canada approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Technology and complementary Sound and Light frequency technologies to fine-tune your Mind/Body Connection at 0.1Hertz, the Self-Healing Zone.

  • 69-Day Embed

    The next 69-days are designed to embed the results and benefits of step #2 (21-Day Kickstart). During this critical period, the Neuroscience and objective of the Personalized Frequency Therapy is to balance the Mind-Body Connection. Neuroscience calls this “Coherence”, which equates to a measurable frequency of 0.1 Hz. With Coherence, your Self-Healing Process is optimized to alleviate symptoms, regenerate cells and initiate a process of Self-Awareness.

  • Mindful Awareness

    Steps 1-3 are about Coherence: optimizing your Mind-Body Connection for optimal Self-Healing. Step 4, Mindful Awareness is about Self-Discovery: completing the Mind-Body-Soul Triad. It’s about learning how to love your Self, the Neuroscience of sustainable symptom relief through an ongoing process of Self-Awareness.

Symptoms We’ve Treated



Reduce pain, increase flexibility, boost energy levels, relieve numbness.


Cardiovascular Health

Increase circulation, improve breathing, reduce stress and relieve headaches.



Hormonal management, reduce aches & pains, regulate body temperature.



Regularize urination, stabilize kidney function, boost libido, restore vitality.


Stress & anxiety

More energy, mental clarity, reduced headaches, emotional balance.


Anti-Aging Detox

Revitalization, immune system boosting, organ system support, mental clarity



Regularized sleep, restored vitality, control racing thoughts, mental clarity.



Strengthen bones naturally, greater flexibility and improved posture.

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