69-Day Embed

What is it?

Following the initial 21-day of intensive frequency therapy, the next 69-days are designed to embed the results and benefits of step #1 (21-Day Kickstart). The personalized PEMF protocols are applied 2-3 times per week along with the complementary Physioaccoustic Frequency Therapy.


How does it work?

During this critical period, the Neuroscience and objective of the personalized Frequency Therapies are to balance the mind-body connection (Nervous System). Neuroscience calls this “Coherence”, which equates to a measurable frequency of 0.1 Hz. And, with Coherence your self-healing process is optimized to alleviate symptoms and regenerate cells and initiate a process of self-awareness.

This program is designed to anchor and embed the results and benefits of the 21-Day Kickstart Program.

The combined programs are delivered or 69-Days the process includes  –

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