Meditation Technology

Meditation Made Easy

Each session is carefully designed to introduce our clients to the concept of Mindful Awareness.  Synergistically stimulating the Mind & Body through multi-wave acoustic frequencies, Audio-visual Entrainment, and Neuro-Muscular Vibration, achieve meditative bliss in 45-minutes!

What to Expect

In a nutshell, our practitioners will guide you into our Meditation Room (see video below) where clients will be comfortably reclined in our Zero Gravity Pods, handed a pair of studio-grade over the ear headphones, and a pair of light goggles.

During the session, you will experience Full Body Vibration, Binaural Audio Tones, and gentle Pulses of Light.  All you will need to do is close your eyes, relax!

Benefits of Meditation Technologies

Instant Stress Relief – Improved Sleep – Reduced Mind Chatter – Alleviated Muscle Tension – Improved Energy – Mental Clarity

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