How Neuroplasticity + NeuroFit™ Will Transform Your Life…

NeuroFit™ is designed to transform your state of mind.  Based upon the science of neuroplasticity, NeuroFit™ uses The Three Pillars of NeuroFitness: Guided Visualization, Sound Therapy & Personal Mastery Coaching.

Managing Our Mental & Physical Health Deserves A Better Option…

Based upon Soul 7’s many years of clinical experience and in collaboration with Dr. Clifford Saunders, Ph.D. (Neuroplasticity), we have created a unique NeuroFitness system combining neuroscientifically engineered Sound Frequency Therapy, Guided Visualizations & Bio-Feedback PEMF Technology, to re-wire the brain for sustainable emotional health & physical wellness.

Chronic stress, anxiety & depression have long been difficult for conventional medicine to treat successfully. This has resulted in many people relying on drugs that merely mask their symptoms and often cause residual problems including lack of focus, insomnia, unhappiness and a general lack of meaning and direction to their lives.

The dominance of the pharmaceutical industry within the medical community is limiting treatment options to the general public.  They are merely offering “band-aid” solutions that require a lifetime of daily prescriptions to “manage” their symptoms without lasting results.

The Better Option

That’s NeuroFit! Its a tested, evidence-based system for managing stress.  It helps to promote improved health, including a better quality of sleep. With repetition, it can induce a sense of peace and fulfillment, no matter what you’re having to cope with in life.

NeuroFit offers a unique Guided Visualization Program which combines evidence-based Sound Therapy Protocols with a Personal Mastery video series to maximize and expedite the re-wiring process.

The Sound Therapy frequencies have been carefully matched and engineered to complement each of the ten individual Guided Visualizations that form the Program.  Each Guided Visualization is followed by a Personal Mastery coaching video designed to replace your limiting beliefs and integrate positive and empowering beliefs in their place.

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