Learn How I Overcame Open Heart Surgery and The Greatest Loss Of My Life…

…To Rejuvenate Physically and Emotionally, Find Love and Feel Better Than I Have Ever Felt…  Without Drugs Or Invasive Treatments Or Even Pretending To Be Happy.

Introducing …“The Healing Option Experience”

  • Step 1: Personal Level 1 German Onadmed Assessment

    Health Canada Approved PEMF Technology Locating Energy Blockages Contributing To Your Physical & Emotional Symptoms .

  • Step 2: Personal Level 2 Russian Bio-Feedback Assessment

    Breakthrough Bio-Feedback Technology Invented And Administered By Russian Bio-Physicist, Dimitri Polytico. Technology To Activate Your Hidden Power To Self-Heal.

  • Step 3: Personalized Frequency Sessions

    45 or 90-Minute Sessions Based On The Results Of Your Bio-Feedback Assessments, Using Health Canadas Approved PEMF Technology With Sound & Light Frequency Technologies.

  • Step 4: Mind/Awareness

    Phase 2 Of The Healing Option Experience: Learning What Needs To Change In Your Life And How To Take The Leap. For Phase 1 "Graduates": A Unique Neuroscientific Program To SUSTAIN The "New You"

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