Your first session begins with our Neuro-Feedback Analysis…


Because not only is NeuroFitness the result of shredding limiting beliefs subconsciously embedded in your mind, which is what our NeuroFit™ Program is all about. It can also be about balancing your Body and its Nervous System to optimize brain fitness by finding and releasing the energy blockages interfering with your Nervous System performance.

The First Session

With our Neuro-Feedback Analysis, Studio clients supplement our breakthrough NeuroFit Program with personalized PEMF Therapy to resolve Energy Blockages and expedite the brain re-wiring process!

After the Neuro-Feedback Analysis, (which takes about 10 minutes and is totally non-invasive and fun), you’ll be taken to your private NeuroFit Pod where you’ll experience the complete First Session of our breakthrough NeuroFit Program which includes The De-Stresser Guided Visualization by Dr. Saunders and the complementary Personal Mastery Coaching Session with Jenifer Merrifield.

All this is yours to experience completely free of charge. All we ask is that you sit down with us for 10 minutes after your Session and give us your honest feedback about the NeuroFit Program. We welcome the opportunity to learn how to best integrate the science of Neuroplasticity into the daily lives of our clients. And who better to learn from then you!

How Neuroplasticity + NeuroFit™ Will Transform Your Life…

NeuroFit™ is designed to transform your state of mind.  Based upon the science of neuroplasticity, NeuroFit™ uses The Three Pillars of NeuroFitness: Guided Visualization, Sound Therapy & Personal Mastery Coaching.

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Kara’s First NeuroFit™ Session…

The Benefits

✅Greater Happiness

✅ Increased Energy & Productivity

✅ Control Racing Thoughts & Anxiety

✅ Reduced Stress

✅ Greater Self-Esteem

✅ Improved Sleep

✅ Increased Focus & Clarity

✅ Reduced Inflamation

✅ Enhanced Compassion

✅Improved Relationships

✅ Regularized Appetite

Research shows Neuroplasticity works. While the research on Neuroplasticity, especially online programs, is still growing, there is evidence to support the use of NeuroFitness training for many outcomes.  While NeuroFit™ is not intended to manage, treat, or cure any medical condition, there are thousands of studies that have shown how Neuroplasticity can positively impact mental and physical health.

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