A Solitary Process

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To heal, we must act on our Self Awareness. I call that the Leap of Faith. Self Awareness comes from within ourselves. Its an awareness of what needs to Change to heal our Selves. It’s about you. Because it’s about us as individuals, we must take our Leaps of Faith alone.  That’s scary. That Fear prevents the Leap. Without the Leap, we can’t sustain our Healing Process.


In a perfect world, we would be surrounded by loved ones, unconditionally cheering us on, supporting our Leap into the Change that brings unknown consequences for our Highest Good. Unfortunately, it is often those closest to us that fear Change, that advocate for the status quo.


You can’t heal without Change. You can’t Change without taking the Leap of Faith. The Leap of Faith takes the Courage to go it alone. Birth and Death. The two biggest Leaps of our lives we do alone. That is the only way to Leap and the Leap of Faith is the only way to sustain your Healing Process.


So, find your Change Cheerleaders. More importantly, find the Courage to take the solitary Leap when Opportunity knocks. Chances are your genuine Cheerleaders will follow and be part of your Change. Either way, it’s your Leap. And be ready to take many more solitary Leaps as the opportunities for Self-Awareness manifest for you. It’s the only way to sustain your Healing Process.

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