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So…What Is NeuroFit™?

It’s hard to talk about NeuroFit without talking about Bob Berman.  So, let’s start here…

In his late 50’s, Bob lost his wife of 38 years to cancer.  Beginning with her terminal diagnosis Bob left his law practice and began a journey that took him across the world to find alternative therapies and experts for his wife. Too late for his wife, Bob made it his mission to offer alternative healing methods to as many people as possible. To provide evidence-based alternatives, Bob set up Soul 7, a health & wellness clinic in Toronto and began collaborating with bio and neuroscientists.

After five years of clinical experience, Bob has decided to expand his missions reach.  That’s when NeuroFit™ was born

NeuroFit was officially launched when Bob decided to systemize Soul 7’s therapies to make them available in a format both at the Clinic and online so more people could experience their benefits anytime, anywhere.

NeuroFit has one mission: To re-wire the brain for optimal health & happiness!

NeuroFitness. Simplified.

Meet Our Experts

Dr.Clifford Saunders Ph.D

Dr.Clifford Saunders Ph.D

Dr. Saunders is a highly qualified and experience transformation strategist with 30 + years of experience working globally. With a Ph.D. in Cybernetics, his educational background spent engineering, Bsc and applied Psychology MSc.

Jenifer Merifield, Personal Mastery Coach

Jenifer Merifield, Personal Mastery Coach

Having devoted her career to Personal Mastery, Jenifer knows what it takes to transform and blossom into the best versions of ourselves. With extensive experience working with high performing clients, Jenifer’s expertise is a critical pillar of NeuroFitness.

Our Mission

Soul 7 is a labor of love, a Mission oriented wellness clinic with the purpose of re-wiring our client’s brains to optimize their innate ability to self-heal.

Since 2014, we have collaborated with and curated experts and technologies from around the world to fulfill this mission.  Our NeuroFit™ System is the culmination of our accumulated experience and collaborations.

Using drug-free, non-invasive Guided Visualization, Sound Therapy & Personal Mastery Coaching combined with Health Canada approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Technology, we work to help our clients shred limiting beliefs and supercharge their brains performance.


Bob Berman, Founder

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