Soul 7 is a labor of love, a Mission oriented wellness clinic with the purpose of optimizing people’s innate ability to self-heal.

We use Health Canada approved Frequency technology to balance the nervous system by resolving frequency blockages that may be impeding our client’s ability to self-heal.

Think of it as 21st-century acupuncture.

Our breakthrough therapies use drug-free, non-invasive Sound, Light and Health Canada approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Technology.

At Soul 7, through the use of these technologies, we work to resolve the root cause of any symptom or ailment that you may be experiencing.

Most people in North America are unaware of the existence of these technologies which are widely used in countries such as Germany, Russia, and China.

Bob Berman, Founder

Our Curated Team Of Experts


Jenifer Merifield

A healthy Mindset is crucial to the healing of your whole self, physically and energetically. We carry around decades of habitual thinking patterns and unsupportive beliefs that are so strong in us, and so automatic, that we often don’t even realize we’re sabotaging our desires and reinforcing our limiting mindset. Change and the unknown can be scary, but even though ‘easy’ is more comfortable than ‘risk’ or taking a chance, don’t let yourself get to a point in life where that risk becomes the regret. The focus of our mindset has the power to make us sick and stop us from moving forward, or it can be a major factor in our healing and keeping our well-being in harmony from the inside out.


Dimitri Polityko

Dimitri Polityko Ph.D. Bio-Physics (Germany/Russia)

Dimitri is the inventor of a revolutionary Bio-Feedback Technology designed to identify the past present and future indicators of your body's Wellbeing. Based on his analysis of your electromagnetic variability, he is able to recommend personalized frequency therapies to resolve the identified areas of blockage for the MIND/BODY Balance necessary for Optimal Healing


Laur Fugere

Laur Fugère is known for her shamanic vocals with Cirque du Soleil. She uses sound to facilitate transition and induce change. BioField Tuning is a gentle yet very penetrating modality, which introduces coherent frequencies to gently support the body in recognizing and correcting its own vibrational imbalances.


Dr. Mona Meyer Ph.D

As a certified Cancer Coach, I share my experience and the knowledge and tools I’ve learned on my road to recovery. My purpose is to help clients through their cancer journey by helping them release the turmoil of negative emotions and beliefs in a safe space of trust and compassion.


Dr. Cliff Saunders Ph.D

Dr. Saunders holds a BSc in Engineering, an MSc in Applied Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Cybernetics. From the University of Aston in Birmingham, England. His life’s work has been dedicated to helping large organizations solve messy, complex, intractable problems.Today, he focuses on helping people feel and function better in their everyday personal and professional lives. Dr. Saunders has created Soul 7’s exclusive Guided Visualizations.


Dr. Sasha Tahiliani ND

Dr. Tahiliani ND, is a licensed naturopathic doctor and clinical hypnotherapist. His interest in the role of psychology and spirituality in health inspired him to earn a double major in both biology and psychology from McMaster University, before going on to complete his medical training at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).


Jaime Slavin MPH, RD

I am a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, food educator, and an advocate for your health and wellbeing. I impart a vast array of knowledge, spanning from a BASc. in Nutrition and Food from Ryerson University, a Masters in Public Health specializing in Community Nutrition at the University of Toronto.


Dr. Pierre Beauchamps Ph.D

Pierre Beauchamp Ph.D. is the President/Founder of Mindroom Peak Sports Performance – an innovative sports science consulting company that has achieved worldwide recognition through the utilization of cutting-edge sports science technology to enhance human performance for many International Olympic organizations. From Olympic Medals and World Champions, Pierre has a long record of developing excellence and mastery not only in sport but also working with the Military and Investment professionals from North America’s top Hedge Funds to develop decisive decision-making skills on demand.

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