Another Healing Thought: My New Hero

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I just met a Champion. I talk a lot about Healing and how it is synonymous with Change born of actualized Self Awareness. I talk a lot about The Leap of Faith and the Trust it takes to get past the Fear that stands between You and your Leap. I talk a lot. The Champion I met today doesn’t. He quietly and fearlessly goes about actualizing his Awareness and in the process has found his Self. He is a War Hero who served in Iraq for 6 years …when he was a she. He is transgender. In my book, he is a Hero. And not just for serving his country to protect us. For having the Courage to Leap into his Change and become the human being he is meant to be. Forget the labels. He’s not “transgender”. He’s a Human, Being himSelf. A Husband, a father, a son… a beautiful person engaged in his own Healing Process with Faith in himSelf and Trust that the Universe has his Highest Good waiting for him to Leap into it. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to my new Hero…and to each of you aspiring to be One and Heal your Self.




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