Personal Level 2 Russian Bio-Feedback Assessment

At Last! Get To The Root Cause Of Your Chronic Health Disorders With Our World-Class Russian Biophysicist’s Personal Evaluation!

         Who Else Wants To Learn What Is Causing Your Chronic Disorder Including Pain, Anxiety and Depression And How To Feel Physically and Emotionally Better

Without Drugs Or Invasive Treatments Or Even Pretending To Be Happy?

Now you can finally learn the secret to unlocking your hidden natural power to heal yourself that conventional experts don’t learn how to tap! 

It’s so revealing you’ll be amazed by what you will learn about your path to sustained wellness!  This brilliant new breakthrough biofeedback technology by Russian Biophysicist, Dimitri Polytico reveals a breathtakingly detailed and accurate assessment of your major organs and bio-systems to instantly create a personal plan to tap the hidden payload of raw healing power you’ve been ignoring your entire life!

A Letter From Bob Berman, Soul 7 Founder  

As some of you may know, almost 6 years ago now, I lost my wife of 38 years to cancer. During our journey to save her life, we began where we all begin to look for solutions—the conventional medical system. Now. Don’t get me wrong. The doctors that treated Jayne were compassionate and experts in their fields and the chemo, radiation, and surgery treatments that she endured were the best that our medical system had to offer. At least, that’s what we were told. And, we believed it. And the doctors believe it…

The truth, as I see it now is, we are all hypnotized. Jayne and I were. The doctors are. You. Everyone. Especially in North America, we all are led to believe that conventional medicine, as taught in our North American universities, is the best and only path to wellness. So-called “alternative” treatments and therapies are dismissed, usually without inquiry or knowledge by our health care providers. They are labeled “alternative” and regarded by most health care providers as woo-woo and a waste of time and money.

The fact is, that as my wife’s situation became more desperate, I began to become aware that we were in a box with no walls or lid. It was a box created by beliefs and fears that had been subtly and consistently implanted into our subconscious since we were children. We had been hypnotized to believe that our serious health problems were not our responsibility. That our doctors and medical system would take care of them and that all we had to do was what we were told.

Well, we were told what doctors learn in medical school where it seems, they are also “hypnotized” to believe that anything outside of their curriculum is not worthy of consideration. And, the truth is that what you believe has a huge impact on the outcome of any treatment. That’s what’s called the Placebo Effect. It’s the effect that is behind 1000’s of cases of so-called “spontaneous remissions’, when people with all kinds of diseases including cancer, defy the predictions of the doctors and overcome the disease. In fact, the Placebo Effect has been studied and its positive effects are so replicable that many scientists consider it a neuro-scientific effect that lay-people like us call our body’s natural ability to self-heal non-invasively and without drugs.

So, how do you engage your natural ability to self-heal?

  1. Become aware that you and I, all of us, are sitting on an amazing payload of unused power to heal ourselves. The power that’s hiding in each and every cell in your body. If you are alive and breathing, you can access this hidden power.
  2. Its just that very few “experts” know HOW to access your hidden power…at least until now.
  3. And that’s what’s so exciting—no matter how chronic and unresolved your problem has been and regardless of how many doctors and treatments you have tried without lasting results…it’s now EASY to tap into this hidden power.

The Result

You are about to discover the ROOT CAUSE of your Chronic Disorder whether its pain, depression or anxiety or any other disease. And how to activate your hidden power to self-heal.

The Benefits

  • Health Awareness

  • Personal Insight

  • Personalized Wellbeing Plan

  • Individualized Botanical Tinctures

  • Unlimited Email Support

The Session

Without an Intake or prior knowledge of your personal history, the algorithm analyzes your electromagnetic field and downloads color-coded images of the frequencies that are contributing to your dis-ease.  By decoding the frequency graphs generated by the algorithm, Polityko provides a unique, evidence-based window to the root cause of your symptomology.

During your session, details of your personal history, that only you would know, will be revealed based on Polityko’s analysis of your unique electromagnetic frequency download.  The results of your assessment and recommendations best suited to achieve cellular balance for optimal healing of mind, body, and spirit, will be provided.

  • This place could be called heaven. It is so relaxing and so amazing. I look forward and totally enjoy the whole experience. Thank you to the wonderful staff and everyone for being the best

    Estrella Pinto Margolian
    Estrella Pinto Margolian Retired
  • Amazing experience at Soul 7! Never knew a place like this existed until now and encourage everyone to check it out. The first treatment left me feeling completely regenerated after 30 mins - it's really like I woke up from a much needed 12 hour sleep. Absolutely love it and can't wait to come back for more! #naturalhealing

     Erica Grenci
    Erica Grenci Detox Passport
  • The coolest thing I've experienced in a long time! Soul 7 has it all; tranquil environment, gracious staff & incredible mind-body technology for the deepest relaxation and healing you will get anywhere in the city. Can't wait to go back !!!

    Gillian Brown
    Gillian Brown Self Care Teacher
  • Best healing place I've ever been too. From the moment I walked in it was as if far from this world. So peaceful, amazing energy, everyone is so helpful and friendly. Meditation pod was like nothing I experienced before! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to restore soul and body.

    Julia Polityko-Pazmandy
    Julia Polityko-Pazmandy
  • Love this place!!! Next level. A healing oasis. Excited to come back & explore more

    Katie Christie
    Katie Christie
  • An experience that cannot be described in words! This is the way of the future!

    Maria Coliviras
    Maria Coliviras
  • Amazing staff, amazing place and amazing service. #yorkvillelocation. Thank you 🙂

    Priya Darshani
    Priya Darshani
  • Amazing environment , technology and people. Highly recommended.

    Diana Beqari Pushi
    Diana Beqari Pushi
  • Это лучшее, что я,когда нибудь видела и пробовала. Когда находишься в этом центре ты как будто обновляешься. Чувствуешь в себе лёгкость, хорошее настроение. Всегда есть желание сюда вернуться вновь.

    Татьяна Иволина-Политыко
    Татьяна Иволина-Политыко
  • I just had the best transformational experience ever. I am a therapist myself, but being able to be in touch with my deep self and core issues just by "simple" frequency and biofeedback process. Mind blowing, don't miss it.

    Elias Abdel-Ahad
    Elias Abdel-Ahad
  • People who care about your well being. Will send my wife for her next birthday!

    Nathan Rapoport
    Nathan Rapoport

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