Advanced Assessment

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How Physics Decodes Your Health History

A unique opportunity to meet with Dimitri Polityko, Ph.D., BioPhysics (Russia) who has developed a world-class algorithm and technology which analyses your past, present and future state of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing.

Measuring the electromagnetic variability of the human body’s organ systems Polityco is able to determine the Root Cause of dysfunction and recommend personalized Frequency based therapies.

This world-class biofeedback technology has been perfected over decades of research in Russia and Canada. Polityco has consulted over 10,000 clients including large corporations and professional athletic associations around the world and is committed to Soul 7’s Mission to introduce our clients to and help optimize their innate ability to Self Heal.

The Benefits

  • Health Awareness

  • Personal Insight

  • Personalized Wellbeing Plan

  • Individualized Botanical Tinctures

  • Unlimited Email Support

The Session

Without an Intake or prior knowledge of your personal history, the algorithm analyzes your electromagnetic field and downloads color-coded images of the frequencies that are contributing to your dis-ease.  By decoding the frequency graphs generated by the algorithm, Polityco provides a unique, evidence-based window to the root cause of your symptomology.

During your session, details of your personal history, that only you would know, will be revealed based on Polityco’s analysis of your unique electromagnetic frequency download.  The results of your assessment and recommended lifestyle changes best suited to achieve cellular balance for optimal healing of mind, body, and spirit, will be provided.

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