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Electro-Cellular Cleansing

Unless you’re living in a tropical rainforest, you’re going to come in contact with harmful chemicals at some point. Everything from the food you eat, exposure to second-hand smoke, and heavy metals will impact cellular health. These harmful toxins affect the bodies ability to cleanse and renew.

Introducing the U.S Military inspired Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer which analyzes your bio-field and prescribes Frequencies to cleanse your body cell by cell and remove harmful toxins from your major organs.

The Benefits

  • Weight Loss

  • Radiant Skin

  • Enhanced Vitality

  • Reduced Inflamtation

  • Increased Energy

The Session

This 60-minute session is designed to support the body & mind in removing harmful toxins, and emotional baggage using evidence-based frequency technology.

The First 30 minutes: Here, we focus on mentally detoxing the mind from toxic thought patterns using specially designed sound and light brainwave entrainment along withPulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy.

The Second 30 minutes: RIFE frequencies are combined with full body vibrations to detox the body of harmful toxins.  The session concludes with the U.S Military-inspired Bio-Photon Analyzer designed to tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world.

The Technologies



The FDA Approved MAS: Magnetic Field Therapy System stimulates cells in the body by using various frequencies and waveforms.

Bio-Photon Analyser
Bio-Photon Analyser

Sophisticated energy instrument designed to tune your biofield, reduce stress and support your bodies’ innate ability to self-heal.

RIFE Frequencies
RIFE Frequencies

Uses specific electromagnetic sound frequencies


FDA approved device that Combines crystals and heat.

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