Focus & Productivity

The Competitive Edge

 What If you could have laser-sharp focus? Through improving your ability to focus, you can harness the power of productivity to make better, smarter, and faster decisions.

Through close collaboration with a select group of world-renowned scientists and performance experts, we have curated the ideal combination of  Brain Optimization Technologies.  These evidence-based Frequency Protocols offer the fast and effective competitive edge you deserve!

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The Benefits

  • Clarity of Thought

  • Decisiveness

  • Greater Concentration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Innovative Thought

The Session

This 60-minute session is designed to optimize & enhance your brain’s performance. We use a unique combination of Health Canada Approved Brain Optimization Technologies to entrain your brain for laser-sharp focus.

The First 30-minutes: We combine state-of-the-art PEMF technology and apply focused protocols stimulating the right and left hemisphere of the brain. This results in a harmonious state of consciousness commonly associated with extreme mental clarity.

The Second 30-minutes: Uniquely combining Mind Alive technology and neuromuscular vibration we allow our mind and body to enter a state of relaxed clarity.


The Technologies

Multi Wave Oscillator
Multi Wave Oscillator

Oscillates frequency through the body to open cells and prepare for further treatment.

Cranial Electoral Stimulation
Cranial Electoral Stimulation

Brainwave optimization device that charges the brain with a small electrical current.


Health Canada Approved class 2 medical device used for personalized frequency treatments.

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