The Healing Option Experience

Transform From Who You Were Yesterday Into Who You’ll Be Tomorrow

The Healing Option Experience is an evidence-based Integrative Healing Program that incorporates Health Canada approved Technology which I have curated based upon my own research and experience. It has been designed in collaboration with world-class scientists including:

Dimitri Polityko Ph.D. Bio-Physics (Germany/Russia)

Dimitri is the inventor of a revolutionary Bio-Feedback Technology designed to identify the past present and future indicators of your body’s Wellbeing. Based on his analysis of your electromagnetic variability, he is able to recommend personalized frequency therapies to resolve the identified areas of blockage for the MIND/BODY Balance necessary for Optimal Healing.

Dr. Clifford Saunders Ph.D. Cybernetics

Dr. Saunders holds a BSc in Engineering, an MSc in Applied Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Cybernetics from the University of Aston in Birmingham, England. His life’s work has been dedicated to engineering the human brain, through the application of applied psychology and frequency stimulation to enhance the Self-Awareness necessary to sustain Optimal Healing.

Dr. Pierre Beauchamps Ph.D. Sports Psychology

Pierre Beauchamp Ph.D. is the President/Founder of Mindroom Peak Sports Performance – an innovative sports science consulting company that has achieved worldwide recognition through the utilization of cutting-edge sports science technology to enhance human performance. Dr. Beauchamps is one a world-class expert in Biofeedback and has introduced a measurable way for our clients to measure and maintain the Nervous System Coherence necessary for Optimal Healing.

Let me help you Leap into the best version of your Life you could ever dream of by finding the Mind/Body Balance you need to begin your engagement with the 7 Steps of The Healing Process which I’ve made into 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Mind/Body Balance

1. Motivation: Choosing The Option

2. Balance: Mindful Healing Technologies-The Tools of Coherence

3. Awareness of Awareness: Beyond Tools

Phase 2: Mindful Self Awareness

4. Awareness: What Needs To Change

5. Wait with Faith: In YourSelf

6. Wait with Trust: In Something Bigger Than Yourself

7. The Leap Of Faith: Embracing Change

Our Mindful Healing Technologies help you activate The Healing Process with Steps 1-3 by fine-tuning the Mind/Body side of your Healing Triangle.

The Result: Symptom Relief— Feeling Physically and Emotionally Better Than You Have Ever Felt and Awareness of Awareness— Feeling that there is something beyond the Tools,  (the Technologies) that made you feel better…better physically… and emotionally…especially about yourself.

The Mindful Healing Technologies I have curated for The Healing Option Experience incorporate the three types of frequencies that allow the human body to function. Indeed, they are the three frequencies that exist in the Universe: Sound, Light and Electro-Magnetic.

For now, I want you to understand that it is the unique and breakthrough way that these technologies have been combined under the direction of my world-class scientific collaborators, that results in the amazing Crisis-defying physical and emotional benefits that I have experienced…

…and that can be yours with a commitment to Phase 1 of The Healing Option Experience in just 90 days!

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