Integrative Healing

Starting From $229/Session

Transform From Who You Were Yesterday Into Who You’ll Be Tomorrow

The Integrative Healing Program is designed on the principal of re-wiring your Nervous system over the span of 12-sessions to establish a new status-quo of optimal Mind/Body Balance.

The program begins with our Russian Bio-Feedback Assessment, conducted by Dimitri Polityko, Ph.D. Biophysics.  Based on the results of his in-depth analysis, Polityko crafts a fully personalized Integrative Healing Plan aimed at resolving “The Root Cause” of unresolved physical & emotional symptoms in collaboration with our experts…

Introducing The Integrative Healing Program

The Benefits You Can Expect

  • Increased Happiness

  • Improved Energy

  • Emotional Balance

  • Boosted Immune System

  • Improved Memory

Your Weekly 90-Minute Sessions

Based on your Bio-Feedback Assessment, Dimitri will work with a Soul 7 Certified Frequency Practitioners to ensure that optimal results are achieved throughout the Integrative Healing Program.  During your 90-minute sessions, a hand-selected combination of  our Mindfulness Technologies.

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