The Healing Option Experience: Phase 2

Mindful Self-Awareness

Phase 2 of The Healing Option Experience is Steps 4-7 of The Healing Process, figuring out what needs to Change in your Life and Waiting with Faith and Trust for that answer and then Leaping into it!

 We call it The Mindful Self Awareness System (MSAS)…

It coaches you through Steps 4-7 of The Healing Process…

The 7 Steps of The Healing Process

Phase 1: Mind/Body Balance

1. Motivation: Choosing The Option

2. Balance: Mindful Healing Technologies-The Tools of Coherence

3. Awareness of Awareness: Beyond Tools

Phase 2: Mindful Self Awareness

4. Awareness: What Needs To Change

5. Wait with Faith: In YourSelf

6. Wait with Trust: In Something Bigger Than Yourself

7. The Leap Of Faith: Embracing Change

It is a unique, neuro-scientific program that teaches you how to sustain your innate ability to Self-Heal activated during Phase 1…and in the process change your life!


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