Integrative Healing

The Healing Option

The body’s natural inclination and wisdom is to always strive for health and balance. It knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. The Healing Option is within each of us. The problem is that most of us have lost this intuitive connection and need to re-connect to this intelligence. Our false beliefs are what get in the way of healing, often causing us to feel powerless and vulnerable.

Our Integrative Healing Program is about Coherence. Our cutting-edge, Health Canada Approved Technology optimizes your Mind-Body Connection for optimal healing no matter what your symptoms may be.

It’s about Self Discovery and learning how to love your Self, the Neuroscience of sustainable symptom relief through an ongoing process of Self-Awareness. To facilitate The Process, we have curated world-class transformation experts to coach you through your Journey, as you complete the Mind, Body, Soul triad which results in sustained symptom relief and more.

At Soul 7 we use advanced technologies to allow you to move your awareness out of resonance with negative thoughts and emotions by helping you access a state of balance and neutrality, opening you up to the Healing Option that already exists within you.

Are you Ready to exercise your Healing Option?

The 4 Steps To Unlocking Your Innate Ability To Self-Heal

  • Step 1: Bio-Feedback Assessment

    Breakthrough Neuroscientific Technology to measure the electromagnetic variability of the human body’s organ systems on a cellular level to determine the root cause of organ and system dysfunction.

  • Step 2: Kickstart

    We use Health Canada approved, Personalized Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Technology and complementary Sound and Light frequency technologies to restore balance to your physical and mental health & well-being.

  • Step 3: Embed

    During this period, we continue the use of Health Canada approved, personalized frequency therapy to ensure sustained positive results.

  • Step 4: Mindful Awareness

    Creating a deeper awareness of self, embodying self- love & learning how to trust.

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