Complementary Treatment & Medicine for Insomnia

Drug-Free, Non-invasive, Evidence-based Solutions

One in ten people suffer from chronic insomnia in North America. People with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms: difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and having trouble getting back to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, and feeling tired upon awakening. Not only does Insomnia cause lack of energy, mental focus and depression, a lack of sleep is directly linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, weight gain and overall accelerated aging.

PEMF has been studied and proven to enhance sleep and is an appropriate modality to consider for people who have sleeping problems.

Psycho Autonomic Nervous SystemThis program is used for the desensitization of electromagnetic overloads in the body as well as geopathic dysfunction.
Delta DormThis has a regulative effect upon sleep patterns and promotes the natural desire to sleep.
Old Emotional OverloadEffective in dealing with emotional issues that have manifested themselves physically. i.e. Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder or somatization. This is not to say that these physical manifestations and the symptoms that the patient exhibits are not real. The emotional issues are closely ties to each other, especially in the healing process.
Brain HarmonyThese programs are used for the stimulation of individual areas with the wave areas of the human brain.
Enhancing Joy of LifePowerful program used for energizing and balancing. Helpful with depression, sadness and other emotional issues.
Reduction of Geopathic StressThis program is used for the desensitization of electromagnetic overloads in the body as well as geopathic dysfunction.
Support DigestionBeneficial in the regulation of the many issues that plague patient populations who have gastrointestinal issues (diet, stress and acid reflux) .
How it works

Ondamed is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) device that offers a highly specific biophysical analysis and application based on electromagnetic inductivity. It’s principles are based on biophysics and quantum theory. Humans are electromagnetic beings and are receptive to electromagnetic vibrations. Electromagnetic stimulation induces subtle current impulses in the body’s fluids, organs, tissues, and cells. Ondamed is a form of Energy Therapy whereby pulsed electromagnetic fields are sent into a patient’s body with frequency ranges between 0.1 to 3200 Hrz.

A Safe Practice

The impulses delivered by Ondamed generate a current of electricity in the cells on the order of millivolts.  It is completely safe because it never delivers more than what the body’s own electrical system generates.

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