Mindful Awareness

Completing The Mind-Body-Soul Triad

Steps 1-3 are about Coherence: optimizing your mind-body connection for optimal healing. Step 4, Mindful Awareness is about Awareness: completing the mind-body-soul triad.

It’s about Self Discovery and learning how to love your Self, the Neuroscience of sustainable symptom relief through an ongoing process of Self-Awareness.

The Sessions

During the final 30-days of the program, you will continue the 90-minute Embed sessions based upon your personal Bio-Feedback Assessment.

To facilitate Self-Awareness and initiate Self Love, we have curated world-class transformation experts to coach you through your journey to Self-Awareness as you complete this part of the Mind, Body, Soul triad. You will meet with your coach once per week to begin the process of re-connecting and learning to love with your authentic self.

The only way to sustain the symptomatic relief that you have gained during the Kickstart and Embed phases of The Program is to make self-awareness part of your daily life and in that way, sustain the benefits of your healing without the need for any external tools.

Mindfulness Coaches

  • Mindset Reset

    Mindset transformation initiates and sustains the healing process.

  • Emotional Freedom

    Release stuck emotions that prevent you from experiencing happiness

  • Self Image

    Awareness leads to greater understanding of our needs, strengths, & life purpose.

  • Clinical Hypnosis

    Clear negative thoughts, painful emotions, limiting beliefs & past trauma

  • Holistic Nutrition

    Learn how nourishing your body can help you to feel your best self.

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