Mindset Re-Set

Created in collaboration with Personal Mastery Coach Jenifer Merifield. This program complements our 90-Day Comprehensive Program. Our 90-Day Program is designed to balance and optimize the Mind/Body Connection for optimal Healing results. The Mindset Re-Set Program creates your personal roadmap for unlimited life transformation and sustainable self-healing by completing the mind, body soul connection.

This Program Includes a 10 week private & group coaching with Jennifer Merifield. The group will not exceed 10 people and meets once per week for 90-minutes on Wednesday evenings.

Here’s What You Get:

Self-clarity, personal awareness, and excellence mastery tools to…
  • get clear on where you are and where you want to be
  • bring awareness to the roadblocks you unintentionally create that sabotage what you want, then smash them so they are no longer in your way
  • discover where and what your resistances are where health, wealth, relationships, and self-image are concerned so you can release them now
  • learn techniques you can take with you for your lifetime to once and for all curb and get you in control over anxiety, depression, stress, worry, and fears
  • discover how to create a mindset that allows you to be in charge of your moods, your thoughts, and your feelings at any time
  • get in alignment with yourself so that what other people think and say no longer matters or hold you back
  • become the intentional creator of your life in all the ways you want it to be
  • know how to raise your vibration through mindset so that you can start to feel good and feel better at any moment throughout your day
  • gain self-confidence and feelings of self-worth in any situation so you can and walk confidently through your life
  • experience breakthroughs in the areas you feel stuck in!
Sessions will be for 90 minutes, every week, on Wednesday evenings so you have your weekends and work days free.

They’ll include discussions, experiential discovery exercises and activities, Q&A time to share results and thoughts. And it won’t be all serious,because high vibration is fun!

PRIVACY: You get to choose how much you want to share with the group and there will be no pressure whatsoever. Strict confidentiality is enforced and Jenifer will make everyone aware of the importance of that. Being a small group, you’ll feel acknowledged and your contribution will be encouraged if you so choose. One of the major benefits of group programs is that many breakthroughs happen just by witnessing the sharing from others.

Everyone will get a chance to speak with Jenifer privately by phone before the group gets started so she can personally introduce herself and answer any questions you may have. You’ll find that she’s a very warm, approachable person who takes her work very seriously and goes above and beyond to make you feel supported. She truly wants your success, as do I, and together our mission is for you to have an extraordinary experience.

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