My Old Friend, Hoang And The Human Healing Wave

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I’ve been travelling through Southeast Asia these last 2 weeks. Bangkok, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. I enjoyed an al fresco dinner on top of the tallest building in Bangkok, I saw the amazing temples of Angkor Wat and visited most of the must-see places in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.  But, it wasn’t what I saw that made this trip so spectacular. It was who I met and how we made each other feel that made this trip so wonderful…and Healing.


When I turned 18 back in 1971, my birthdate was called in the US draft lottery. Though I had lived in Canada since I was 3, being a US citizen at the time, meant my first trip to Vietnam could have been in 1971, as a soldier. To avoid the draft, I became a Canadian citizen and fortunately, never made that trip… until now.


And Now brings me to Hanoi and  Hoang Dinh…


Being a teenager of the late 60’s now in my 60’s, I arrived in Hanoi with preconceptions and prejudices instilled by the media and propaganda of the era in which I grew up. I expected totalitarianism, communism and collective uniformity– a society dominated by regulation without room for independent thought and creativity.   What I found was quite different. What I found was Hoang…


Hoang is an internationally acclaimed  Vietnamese artist and a national treasure. I’m an art lover and on my flight to Hanoi, to my surprise, contrary to my preconceptions, I read about Hoang in the airline magazine which featured a picture of one of his watercolours about to be part of his upcoming exhibit in Hanoi’s Museum of Fine Arts. There was something about Hoang’s story and his watercolour that moved me to hire a guide in Hanoi to locate him and arrange a meeting. When we met, there was an instant connection. He doesn’t speak English and my Vietnamese is non-existent. But, that didn’t matter. Our connection was heart to heart and his art and infectious creative energy was the medium. The feeling between us was palpable and ever so healing.


We became instant friends as if we had met in 1971 when we were both 18. As the Universe would have it,  Hoang shares my birth year. Had I made it to Vietnam in 1971, we might have met on opposite sides of a battle field. Instead, through a series of amazing synchronicities, we met at his studio where, in a spark of Love between us, every one of my preconceptions exploded and in that moment my Heart opened and healed together with Hoang’s.


In Quantum Physics, this is known as a non-local connection. An instant connection that was always and will always be there, without any intervening energy exchange over time or space. It’s just there. I believe this connection is in potential between each of us as human beings. All we have to do is consciously open up to it with trust and faith in each other and the Healing Wave of the Universe will make the connection. In that moment, you will feel the powerful healing  effects of the connection…as I did with Hoang, my new, life-long friend. And these effects are subtle, yet powerful healers of your Mind, Body and Spirit that go well beyond the symptomatic relief to which Newtonian Physics and western medicine limits us.


Join Hoang and I. Experience the Physics of the Soul Connection innate to all humanity. One by one, together, we can explode preconceptions and prejudices and in the process, heal each other and the world.


We all have the artist within us. Go find  yours and then find an artist. When you do, all it takes to experience the cosmic healing available to between each of us, is the Courage and Openness to act on your Intuition with Trust and Faith.


InPeace, Bob


PS. Another amazing Synchronicity: Before I met Hoang at his studio, he later told me that he felt our Connection so powerfully, that he felt compelled to paint the Rooster (in the picture above) for me as a gift. It was still drying when I arrived…before I knew it was a gift…


PPS By the way, that watercolour that sparked my Intuition…I bought it to remind of the non-local Healing connection between Hoang and I and the Universe. It’ll be shipped after it is exhibited at Hoang’s exhibition at the Fine Art Museum of Hanoi.





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