NeuroFit Online

(Available July 1st, 2019)

What Is NeuroFit?

Based upon Soul 7’s many years of clinical experience and in collaboration with Dr. Clifford Saunders, Ph.D. (Neuroplasticity), we have created a unique 10-week system combining neuroscientifically engineered Sound Frequency Therapy, Guided Visualizations & Transformation Coaching to re-wire the brain for sustainable stress relief & happiness.  Previously only available at Soul 7’s Toronto (Canada) clinic, this proven curation of neuroscience & mindfulness is now being offered for the first time in a digital format.

Each session of the system features expertly audio-engineered Sound Frequency Therapies which are embedded within Dr. Saunders one-of-a-kind Guided Visualizations.  Focusing on the Mind/Body connection critical to mental health, the first five sessions address the Body and the latter five, the Mind.  To facilitate the practical integration of the results into our clients lives, our system includes a Personal Mastery video series led by Transformation Coach, Jenifer Merifield.

Why NeuroFit?

Chronic stress, anxiety & depression have long been difficult for conventional medicine to treat successfully. This has resulted in many people relying on drugs that merely mask their symptoms and often cause residual problems including lack of focus, insomnia, unhappiness and a general lack of meaning and direction to their lives.

The dominance of the pharmaceutical industry within the medical community is limiting treatment options to the general public.  They are merely offering “band-aid” solutions that require a lifetime of daily prescriptions to “manage” their symptoms without lasting results.  Managing our mental health deserves a better option.

Introducing, The NeuroFit Podcast

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Meet Our Team

Chief Neuro Engineer: Dr. Clifford Saunders Ph.D (Neuroplasticity)

Chief Neuro Engineer: Dr. Clifford Saunders Ph.D (Neuroplasticity)

Having spent his career working with executives of fortune 500 companies, Dr. Saunders now brings these same techniques to NeuroFit Users.

Director of Personal Mastery:Jenifer Merifield

Director of Personal Mastery:Jenifer Merifield

Over decades of coaching top performing individuals, Jenifer brings her proven techniques to coach you into personal Mastery.


Chief Health Hacker: Bob Berman

Chief Health Hacker: Bob Berman

Obsessed with optimizing brain health & vitality through breakthrough neuroscience technologies from around the world.

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