Personal Wellness Assessment

Your First Step Towards Personal Wellness…

Learn how to unlock your body’s ability to heal itself… in 1 session!

Is This For You?

100% Yes! This is for anybody suffering from chronic emotional or physical problems who want to learn how to solve them once and for all, including problems like…

Stress – Anxiety – Depression – Chronic Pain – Back Pain -Fibromyalgia – Insomnia – Low Energy – Brain Fog – Adrenal Fatigue – Fatigue

The Benefits

The following benefits can be expected based on your Personal Wellness Assessment

  • Happy Living

    Say Goodbye to Depression

  • Stress Free Living

    Conquer Stress & Anxiety

  • Improved Sleep Quality

    No More Sleepless Nights

  • Pain Free Living

    Beat Chronic Pain Naturally

  • Improved Memory

    Stop The Aging Process

Learn How to Improve Your Health & Well Being

Learn what’s stopping you from feeling your best.  This German, Health-Canada Approved  Technology finds the root cause and gives you the fastest and easiest path to optimal health. The Assessment will tell you what you need to do to improve your health and feel better in 12  sessions.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Once we have completed the assessment we then create a tailored plan strictly for you. This  Personal Wellness Plan recommends personalized Frequency Therapies (Health Canada Approved Technology).

What You Get in 60-Minutes

  • Personalized Wellness Assessment

    Our expert practitioners use revolutionary Bio-Feedback Technology to measure your current state of Health & Wellbeing

  • Private Meditation Pod Session

    Experience the powerful Frequency Technologies we have curated to balance your mind & body guiding you into a deep state of meditation!

  • Personal Report

    Our practitioners focus on identifying the Root Cause of unresolved physical and emotional dis-ease

  • Individualized Wellness Action Plan

    Our practitioners specialize in creating Personalized Protocols crafted for fast and sustainable results

  • ONDAMED Technology

    Health Canada Approved German Bio-Feedback Technology

Why Soul 7 

With over 2,000 happy clients from all over the world who have transformed themselves to live more happy, healthy pain-free lives. The good news is that you’re next. Live the life you deserve!

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