Self-Image & Weight Loss

We all know the ultimate answer to losing weight is to eat less and move more. But most of us think we need to do this by having willpower and going on restrictive diets. Has that worked for you? Maybe for a short period of time…and then at some point, when you’re tired, anxious or stressed out, this other part of you takes over and says “forget it! I give up! I need this food! I need this to feel happy!” and you’re off the wagon again. How frustrating is this? How demotivating is this? How much do you go into self-loathing when this happens?

What if I were to tell you that losing weight and keeping it off has nothing to do with having the willpower or a restrictive diet? If willpower worked then we would all be skinny forever and you would not be reading this letter.

Overeating and emotional eating have a lot more to do with subconscious patterns that have been created by your thoughts, emotions, critical self-talk, and the beliefs you are living life through that ultimately create stress and anxiety in your body. This stress and anxiety cause you to hold onto weight and crave more food. Emotional eating also has a lot to do with whether you are living a life that FULL-FILS you. If life doesn’t fill you up, then you turn to food to fill you up.

Are you ready to finally feel FULL and let go of that weight forever?

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