Self-Care System

Starting From $149/Session

Clear Your Mind, Balance Your Body, Nourish Your Soul

It’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves.  When we’re busy and overwhelmed, even a short break can feel like a luxury.  When we take the time for self-care we are able to optimize our productivity, enhance our quality of sleep and even boost our energy levels throughout the day!

Our Self Care System

Our Self-Care System begins with our Preliminary Assessment.  Based on this information, our certified practitioners are able to identify areas within the Mind/Body which may be causing physical & emotional symptoms.

Based on the Results of the assessment our practitioners create personalized Self-Care recommendations ranging between 5-10 sessions based on the following session types…

Why is this Important?

Self-care allows us to embody the saying “our glass is half full”. When we take care our ourselves, we enhance our ability to empathize with others, perform our daily tasks with a more positive attitude and even strengthen our immune system!  When we take care of ourselves, we increase our vitality, improve our relationships, increase our sense of “meaning” and decrease the risk of developing mental and physical health issues.

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