Meditation Pod Classes (Pay-What-You-Can)

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Introducing…Comunal Neur-Muscular Meditation Pod Classes

Join Our Growing Community Of Like Minded Wellness Seekers… Discover The Healing Benefits Of Neuro-Muscular Meditation And Pay Only What You Can…

We sincerely believe that by offering people an opportunity for Personal Balance, we will ultimately transform the world for the better, one person at a time. As part of our Community Outreach, we are proud to offer our Mindful Meditation Pod Classes on a pay-what-you-can basis.

With our neuro-scientific meditation technologies, you will experience brainwave entrained Mind/Body Balance that replicates the effects and benefits of deep mediation even if you have never meditated before. And, we are opening our doors to anyone and everyone on a pay-what-you-can basis!

Introducing Our Clinically Curated Mindful Meditation Technologies

Check Out Our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Meditation Reviews

  • This place could be called heaven. It is so relaxing and so amazing. I look forward and totally enjoy the whole experience. Thank you to the wonderful staff and everyone for being the best

    Estrella Pinto Margolian
    Estrella Pinto Margolian Retired
  • Amazing experience at Soul 7! Never knew a place like this existed until now and encourage everyone to check it out. The first treatment left me feeling completely regenerated after 30 mins - it's really like I woke up from a much needed 12 hour sleep. Absolutely love it and can't wait to come back for more! #naturalhealing

     Erica Grenci
    Erica Grenci Detox Passport
  • The coolest thing I've experienced in a long time! Soul 7 has it all; tranquil environment, gracious staff & incredible mind-body technology for the deepest relaxation and healing you will get anywhere in the city. Can't wait to go back !!!

    Gillian Brown
    Gillian Brown Self Care Teacher
  • Best healing place I've ever been too. From the moment I walked in it was as if far from this world. So peaceful, amazing energy, everyone is so helpful and friendly. Meditation pod was like nothing I experienced before! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to restore soul and body.

    Julia Polityko-Pazmandy
    Julia Polityko-Pazmandy
  • Love this place!!! Next level. A healing oasis. Excited to come back & explore more

    Katie Christie
    Katie Christie
  • An experience that cannot be described in words! This is the way of the future!

    Maria Coliviras
    Maria Coliviras
  • Amazing staff, amazing place and amazing service. #yorkvillelocation. Thank you 🙂

    Priya Darshani
    Priya Darshani
  • Amazing environment , technology and people. Highly recommended.

    Diana Beqari Pushi
    Diana Beqari Pushi
  • Это лучшее, что я,когда нибудь видела и пробовала. Когда находишься в этом центре ты как будто обновляешься. Чувствуешь в себе лёгкость, хорошее настроение. Всегда есть желание сюда вернуться вновь.

    Татьяна Иволина-Политыко
    Татьяна Иволина-Политыко
  • I just had the best transformational experience ever. I am a therapist myself, but being able to be in touch with my deep self and core issues just by "simple" frequency and biofeedback process. Mind blowing, don't miss it.

    Elias Abdel-Ahad
    Elias Abdel-Ahad
  • People who care about your well being. Will send my wife for her next birthday!

    Nathan Rapoport
    Nathan Rapoport

The Benefits

  • Mind/Body Balance

  • Mental Clarity

  • Self Awareness

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Increased Vitality

The Class

Our practitioners will guide you into our Meditation Room (see video above) where clients will be comfortably reclined in our Zero Gravity Pods, handed a pair of studio-grade over the ear headphones, and a pair of light goggles.

The class begins with one of our practitioners guiding the participants through a specially crafted guided meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to allow the mind and body to be gently guided into a relaxed state of balance to ensure optimal benefit from our Meditation Pod Technology.

During the session, you will experience Full Body Vibration, Binaural Audio Tones, and gentle Pulses of Light.  All you will need to do is close your eyes, relax!

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