Stress Relief

Stress Relief Technology

Let’s face it, stress is a part of life! We can’t always control situations.  With our breakthrough Stress Relief Sessions, you will enjoy a sense of calm and relaxation as if you spent a day at the beach!

Our evidence-based Frequency Protocols combine Sound, Light and Health Canada Approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology to balance the nervous and boost the immune systems for optimal Stress Relief.

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The Benefits

  • Mind/Body Balance

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Quiet Mind

  • Positive Outlook

  • Mental Clarity

The Session

This 60-minute session is designed to improve your brain’s stress response.  Using specific Health Canada Approved Frequency Technologies, each session is broken down into two segments:

The First 30-minutes:  We combine state-of-the-art Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies and Physio-Acoustic Vibration.  This dynamic Frequency duo begins the process of rewiring your brains response to stress by decluttering your mind and crystallizing your thought process.

The Second 30-minutes: Now it’s time to release the tension, tightness, and blockages that are preventing you from full body stress relief.  Our unique Syogra Massage Technology emulates the benefits of traditional shiatsu style therapy along with Audio-Visual Frequencies to optimize full body stress relief.

The Technologies


The FDA Approved MAS: Magnetic Field Therapy System stimulates cells in the body by using various frequencies and waveforms.


A heated mat that emulates traditional shiatsu style massage.


Pulsed electromagnetic sound frequencies designed to balance the energy centres.

Sound & Light Theraphy
Sound & Light Theraphy

Combines sounds and light to optimize brainwave state.

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