The Healing Power of Faith

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Healing begins with Faith in Yourself.

You may not know what the future holds, but you know it will be for your Highest Good. Faith is a belief that anything is possible. It is not unique to any particular culture or religion. Its what makes us human and gives us hope. As Dr. Joe Vitalewrites in his excellent book, Faith, “…faith is our bridge over those unknown elements towards a future we can’t predict”. Think about it. Our entire human existence has been built on a foundation of Faith that our fellow human beings will co-operate and collaborate with each other- everyone doing their part believing that everyone else will do theirs. As Dr. Vitale writes, “Faith is what will lead us out of crisis and into creation. We need to believe in a better tomorrow if we ever hope to have a chance of seeing it.”

Now, think of your body as a microcosm of our entire human existence. Just as our fellow human beings do to make society function, your cells co-operate and
collaborate with each other with divine elegance to create a life force that is beyond our conscious comprehension. And, just like our fellow human beings fail us sometimes, collaboration between some of your cells can break-down. With Faith, that collaboration can be restored. With Faith, Fear and Doubt can be overcome. With Faith, the Healing Option can be yours. It begins with Faith in yourself and your own potential to Heal.

I’m not talking about blind Faith. Certain laws of nature cannot be changed by Faith. One day, we all must end this human existence. But, until then, Faith will open You and your cells to Healing Options you wouldn’t even be looking for. And more than that, Faith will give your the Courage to face down Fear and Doubt to pursue them.

Go forth with Faith, my friend.

Peace, Light and Love,


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