The Healing Power Of The Universe

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Healing is not only “the result of  clinical processes but also of overall biological potentialities  that often do not materialize without the unseen power of spiritual alignment” . This is a quote from <a href=”;qid=1422289037&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=Healing+and+Recovery&amp;pebp=1422289111924&amp;peasin=971500797″>“Healing and Recovery” by David R. Hawkins,MD, PHD</a>. Hawkins, has devoted his career to establishing the link between health recovery and the unseen power of the spiritual dimensions of intentionality of consciousness, the awareness component of the healing equation.Why is it that some people heal and others don’t? How do we explain spontaneous remissions that defy the odds? Could there be a Higher Power that we can tap into? And by Higher Power, I don’t necessarily mean a religious One. I’m talking about a Healing Energy that has yet to be scientifically verified that we all are wired to access when we are spiritually aligned.

We are Light Beings. We are flowing with electro-magnetic impulses that fuel our biology on a cellular level. Our Thoughts are actual things. They are electro-chemical signatures that are filed away in our brain cells as beliefs and memories. These beliefs and memories have the power to influence you and your body on a cellular level. Think about that. How and what you think about can affect how your cells respond to the Healing Process. (For more about this, check out <a href=”;qid=1422289134&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=Bruce+Lipton%27s+Biology+of+Belief&amp;pebp=1422289209482&amp;peasin=1401923127″>Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief</a>).

Based upon my own recovery from open heart surgery  since Jayne’s  passing, I believe that Dr. Hawkins is right about Spiritual Alignment having a causal link to health recovery. In future posts I will share with you how my Thoughts have helped me align spiritually to tap the Healing Energy of the Universe that is always there and yet goes  untapped by so many of us. For now, I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with Faith…

Peace, Light and Love,


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