The NeuroFit™ BootCamp: Optimizing Your Brain’s Performance One Week At A Time!

The Better Option…

The Ultimate NeuroFitness Basic Training BootCamp:


✅10-Weeks of Unlimited Training Sessions

Each 60-minute session focuses on one of the ten steps to re-wire your brain and shred limiting beliefs. Each session should be completed in sequence with a frequency of at least once per week, as seen below.  As you would when training your body, ongoing training and repetition is key to improvement and sustained results.  The sessions should be repeated throughout the year to maintain NeuroFitness. The NeuroFit™ Program Sessions are:

Session #1: The De-Stresser

Preparing your brain for sustainable stress relief.

Session #2: The Headstretch

Expand your brain’s capacity to explore new possibilities.

Session #3: The “Brainwash”

Cleanse toxic thought patterns preventing personal growth.

Session #4: The New You

Open your mind to the new you.

Session #5: The Mindful Warrior

Breakthrough fear and welcome opportunity

Session #6: The Dreamscape

Re-discover the joy of life.

Session #7: The Alchemist

Find your inner strength.

Session #8: The Energizer

Energize Mind, Body & Soul.

Session #9: The Wake-Up Call

Awaken to the new you.

Session #10: The Inner Sanctuary

Your brain transformed.

✅ The Three Pillars of NeuroFitness

NeuroFit™ is the only comprehensive NeuroFitness system committed to advancing the field of Neuroplasticity by combining Sound Therapy, Guided Visualization & Personal Mastery Coaching.  We are committed to ensuring NeuroFit™ is founded on evidence-based studies and supported by expert collaborators.

✅ Hot/Acu Meditation Tech™

Achieve a deep state of zen relaxation without even knowing how to meditate! Enjoy unlimited access to our breakthrough Meditation Technologies during the 10-week BootCamp.


✅ The Digital Acupuncture Program

During these 90-minute comprehensive sessions your Digital Acupuncturist will work one-on-one with you to track, monitor and optimize your NeuroFitness.  Your session begins with a BioFeedback Analysis of your current state followed by our NeuroFit™ Primer, designed to optimize your mind/body connection.

Following The NeuroFit Primer Session, your Digital Acupunturist will use the Health Canada Approved Ondamed™ Bio-Feedback Technology to apply Personalized Bio-Frequency Protocols to resolve energy blockages that may be interfering with your NeuroFitness. Each session concludes with our NeuroFit ™ Optimzer Technology designed to clear any remaining imbalances.

The Benefits

✅Greater Happiness

✅ Increased Energy & Productivity

✅ Control Racing Thoughts & Anxiety

✅ Reduced Stress

✅ Greater Self-Esteem

✅ Improved Sleep

✅ Increased Focus & Clarity

✅ Reduced Inflammation

✅ Enhanced Compassion

✅Improved Relationships

✅ Regularized Appetite

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Experience The NeuroFit™ BootCamp For Five Easy Payments of $299



NeuroFit Mind Training:

✅ 10 Weeks of Unlimited Neuroscientifically Engineered Guided Visualizations ($499)

✅ 10 Weeks of Expertly Curated Sound Therapies ($299)

✅ 10 Weeks of Unlimited Personal Mastery Video Coaching ($499)

✅ 10 Weeks of Unlimited Access to Hot/Acu Meditation ($299)

✅ 10 Weeks of Unlimited Neuromuscular Vibration Sessions ($499)

✅ 1 – NeuroFit™ Journal ($19)

Total:  $2,114


NeuroFit Body Training:

✅ 5 Weekly Digital Acupuncture Sessions ($999)

✅ 5 Weekly Personal Biofeedback Sessions ($499)

✅ 5 Weekly NeuroFit Primer Sessions ($199)

✅ 5 Weekly NeuroFit Optimizer Sessions ($199)

✅ And Much More to Come! (Priceless)

Total:   $1,896



Unconditional Guarantee

We so passionately believe in the transformational benefits of NeuroFit ™, we are offering this UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE:

Money-Back Guarantee: If at the end of the 10-weeks you are not completely satisfied, we will return your entire investment. That’s how convinced we are of the absolute Uniqueness and Science of The NeuroFit Programs. After all, our Founder has experienced them himself! And they have been curated in collaboration with world-class scientists.

If you aren’t convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we have curated for you is (1) the best secret to Neurofitness you’ve ever heard, and (2) it really has re-wired your brain and changed your life meaningfully and permanently…then we insist you send us a note…

and we will personally make sure you get a fast, full refund of every penny you paid for NeuroFit.

**No questions asked, and no hassles**

Why are we being so generous?

Simple. We have experienced NeuroFit and its incredible Benefits ourselves. We are passionately motivated to share our Knowledge and Experience.

I know that most of you will be skeptical and dismissive despite the evidence-based Technologies we have curated and the world-class Scientists with whom we collaborate.  For you and others who are reluctant to push the envelope, it’s just immensely important to me that I introduce you to this NeuroFit System and give you the opportunity to re-wire your brain for your optimal physical and emotional well-being.


Bob Berman, Founder

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