Why we love Essential Oils at Soul 7

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Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Soul 7’s Custom Exclusive Aromatherapy Essential Oil Collection.

By Rebecca Lester – Lead Practitioner

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that come from a wide range of botanical ingredients. They have many different therapeutic properties and are by nature anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The oils we use at Soul 7 are ethically sourced, distilled on the spot where they are grown, and mixed by a certified aromatherapist in Toronto.

At Soul 7 we are all about frequency. We infuse our oils with electro-magnetic frequency to increase the therapeutic properties. Oils can also be personalized with the frequencies of your program, so that you can continue receiving the PEMF Therapy wherever you are, optimizing your integrative healing program.

Essential oils are another pathway among the many that we offer to help you to maintain coherence, at 0.1hz. When you are in a state of coherence, your body has the time, energy and ability to heal itself naturally.

Feel free to come on in and have a sniff!

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